SRF Reports - 1997

SRF 971210-07
Tests and Designs of High-Power Waveguide Vacuum Windows at Cornell
E. Chojnacki et al.
SRF 970624-06
On the Pressure Compensation for the B-Cell Cavity in the MARK II Cryostat
J. Kirchgessner and S. Belomestnykh
Postscript - PDF
SRF 970508-05
Design of a High Average Power Waveguide Window
E. Chojnacki et al.
Postscript (1.2 MB) - PDF
SRF 970429-03
Development of Superconducting RF for CESR
S. Belomestnykh et al.
Postscript - PDF
SRF 970416-02
Surface Contaminants of Niobium
D. Kapner
Postscript (1.5 MB) - PDF
SRF 970314-01
Coherent Synchrotron Frequency Shift due to the Fundamental Accelerating Cavity Mode in CESR
S. Belomestnykh

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