SRF Reports - 1994

SRF 941208-13
Spherical Cavity: Analytical Formulas. Comparison of Computer Codes
S. Belomestnykh
SRF 941208-12
Using CLANS/CLANS Accuracy Tests
B. Vakoc
SRF 941208-11
SUPERLANS for Pedestrians
S. Belomestnykh
SRF 941020-10
An Overview of RF Superconductivity Reasearch
H. Padamsee
SRF 940907-09
Additional Measurements of the Microwave Properties of some Absorbing Materials
R. Chiang
PDF (2.0 MB)
SRF 940906-08
Time Domain Cavity Simulation and Analysis
T. Hays
SRF 940727-07
Achieving the TESLA Gradient of 25 MeV/m in Multicell Structures at 1.3 GHz
C. Crawford, et al
SRF 940727-06
Development and Tests of a Superconducting Cavity for High Current Electron Storage Rings
H. Padamsee, et al
SRF 940714-05
High Gradients in Linear Superconducting Accelerator Cavities by High Pulsed Power to Suppress Field Emission
C. Crawford, et al
SRF 940525-04
Cavity Analysis by Reflection
T. Hays
SRF 940419-03
Design of a High Speeed, High Resolution, Thermometry System for 1.5 GHz Superconducting Radio Frequency Cavities
J. Knobloch, H. Muller and H. Padamsee
Postscript (4.2 MB) - PDF (1.8 MB)
SRF 940330-02
Calculations of the Frequency Shift Due to Cavity Shape Deformations
S. Belomestnykh
SRF 940321-01
Pressure Sensitivity of B-Cell Cavity in Meyer Cryostat
J. Kirchgessner

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