SRF Reports - 2008

SRF 080108-05
Medium Field Q-Slope Calculated from Nonlinear BCS Surface Resistance and Comparaisons with Experimental Data
Y. Xie, H.S. Padamsee
PDF (1.5 M)
SRF 080326-06
High Field Q-Slope Onset in EP and BCP Cavities Before Bake
J. Wiener, H.S. Padamsee
PDF (88 K)
SRF 080903-04
Magnetic Field Enhancement At Pits And Bumps On The Surface Of Superconducting Cavities
V. Shemelin, H.S. Padamsee
PDF (436 K)
SRF 080731-03
First Test Of The Cornell Single-Cavity Horizontal Cryomodule
S. Belomestnykh, et al
PDF (1 MB)
SRF 080723-02
Oscillating Superleak Transducers for Quench Detection in Superconducting ILC Cavities Cooled with He-II
Z.A. Conway, D.L. Hartill, H.S. Padamsee, and E.N. Smith
PDF (1.5 MB)
SRF 080415-01
Multipacting-Free Transitions Between Cavities And Beam-Pipes
Sergey Belomestnykh, Valery Shemelin
Postscript - PDF - DVI

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