SRF Reports - 2000

SRF 001219-10
Auger Analysis of DCFE plates at Evans East Nov 27-28, 2000
G. Werner
Postscript - Figures
SRF 000925-09
Grazing Incidence X-Ray Study of Niobium Films CHESS Feasibility Study FS225 Part II
L. Hand and W. Frisken
SRF 000712-08
Running CESR at High Luminosity and Beam Current with Superconducting RF System
S. Belomestnykh et al.
SRF 000705-07
Study of Annealing in Niobium Films Chess Feasibility Study FS225 Part I
L. Hand, R. Kapfer and W. Frisken
SRF 000204-04
SRF for Muon Colliders
H. Padamsee
SRF 000202-03
Operating Experience with Superconducting RF at CESR and Overview of Other SRF Related Projects at Cornell University
S. Belomestnykh, et al.
SRF 000121-02
Simulations of a Multipactor-Inhibited Waveguide Geometry
E. Chojnacki

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