SRF Reports - 1999

SRF 991110-12
Micro-Structures of RF Surfaces in the Electron-Beam-Weld Regions of Niobium
R.L. Geng, J. Knobloch and H. Padamsee
PDF (2.2 MB)
SRF 991029-10
RF Power Coupler Performance at CESR and Study of a Multipactor Inhibited Coupler
E. Chojnacki and S. Belomestnykh
SRF 990716-09
Superconducting RF Cavities and Cryogenics for the CESR III Upgrade
E. Chojnacki and J. Sears
PDF (2.0 MB)
SRF 990714-08
On the BB1 Cryomodule Loss Factor Calculations
S. Belomestnykh
SRF 990615-07
Liquid Helium Heat Load within the Cornell Mark II Cryostat
E. Chojnacki, S. Belomenstnykh and J. Sears
SRF 990409-06
Condensation/Adsorption and Evacuation of Residual Gases in the SRF System for th CESR Luminosity Upgrade
R. Geng and H. Padamsee
Postscript - PDF
SRF 990409-05
Exploring Multipacting Characteristics of a Rectangular Waveguide
R. Geng and H. Padamsee
Postscript - PDF
SRF 990407-04
Commissioning of the Superconducting RF Cavities for the CESR Luminosity Upgrade
S. Belomestnykh et al.
SRF 990407-03, CLNS 99/1614
The High Luminosity Performance of CESR with the New Generation Superconducting Cavity
S. Belomestnykh
SRF 990324-02
Beamline RF Load Development at Cornell
E. Chojnacki, T. Gruber and N. Sherwood
SRF 990301-01
Infra-Red Propagation through Various Waveguide Inner Surface Geometries
N. Jacobsen and E. Chojnacki
Postscript (6.9 MB) - PDF

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