SRF Reports - 1995

SRF 951220-18
Cutoff Frequencies of Several SRF and CESR Beam Pipes
S. Belomestnykh
SRF 951116-15
Performance of a High RRR Russian Nb 1.3 GHz TESLA Multicell Cavity
T. Hays, P. Barnes, H. Padamsee and J. Sears
SRF 951116-14
Determining HcRF for Nb and Nb 3 Sn Through HPP and Transient Q Analysis
T. Hays and H. Padamsee
SRF 950908-13
Superconducting RF Activities at Cornell University
J. Kirchgessner et al.
Postscript (1.1 MB)
SRF 950905-12
The Interaction between a Beam and a Superconducting Cavity Module: Measurements in CESR and CESR-Phase III Goals
S. Belomestnykh, G. Flynn, W. Hartung, J. Kirchgessner, D. Moffat, H. Muller, H. Padamsee, M. Pisharody, V. Veshcherevich
Postscript (1.9 MB) - PDF
SRF 950811-11
HOM Spectra and Dissipated Power Density Profiles for the SRF Cavity with a Ferrite HOM Load: Calculations with CLANS and Analysis
B. Vakoc
SRF 950508-10
Response of Superconducting Cavities to High Peak Power
T. Hays and H. Padamsee
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SRF 950501-09
High Power Window Tests on a 500 MHz Planar Waveguide Window for the CESR Upgrade
M. Pisharody et al
SRF 950501-08
Beam Test of a Superconducting Cavity for the CESR Luminosity Upgrade
H. Padamsee et al
SRF 950427-07
Microscopic Examination of Defects located by Thermometry in 1.5 GHZ Superconducting Niobium Cavities
J. Knobloch, R. Durand, H. Muller and H. Padamsee
Postscript - PDF
SRF 950413-06
Review of the Development of RF Cavities for High Currents
J. Kirchgessner
SRF 950406-05
Wakefields and HOM Studies of a Superconducting Cavity Module with the CESR Beam
S. Belomestnykh et al
Postscript - PDF
SRF 950406-04
Comparison of the Predicted and Measured Loss Factor of the Superconducting Cavity Assembly for the CESR Upgrade
S. Belomestnykh et al
Postscript - PDF
SRF 950301-03
Photoelectric Quantum Efficiency of Niobium for lambda = 193 nm and lambda =248 nm
L. Hand and U. Happek
SRF 950221-02
Microscopic Investigation of High Gradient Superconducting Cavities after Reduction of Field Emission
J. Graber, J. Kirchgessner, D. Moffat, J. Knobloch, H. Padamsee and D.
SRF 950221-01
Reduction of Field Emission in Superconducting Cavities with High Power Pulsed RF
J. Graber, C. Crawford, J. Kirchgessner, H. Padamsee, D. Rubin and P.

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