Searching the LEPP drawing electronic database  (NUMO index).

The LEPP drafting office maintains an electronic index of all "official" LEPP issued drawings.  Both CAD and manually drafted drawings are indexed.  This index can be found on both LNS62 and CESR10  via "set host" command.  It is casually referred to as the NUMO index.  Information available on every LEPP issued drawing includes: CAD or manual format, size of the drawing sheets, drawing number and title, creation date/author, latest revision letter (if any), latest revision date/author, and issue status.

A common way to find information about a drawing in the NUMO index is to use the SEARCH command.  The format of the SEARCH command is: search numo "text" .  The text to be found should be enclosed in quotation marks.  Spaces as well as upper/lower case may be used.  For example, to identify all drawings that contain the text SYNCHROTRON in their title, enter the command:  search numo "synchrotron" .  Setting the terminal to 132 column mode with the command W132 will ensure all drawing information is visible.  One line of information returned may look like this:

*C -6048-045-SH01   SYNCHROTRON BEAM CURRENT INTEGRATOR   220  06/07/91   182  02/22/94   A   Y

The format for this information is the same in all records.  It is, from left to right:
* = CAD file exists  (The absence of an asterisk indicates a non CAD drawing.)
C = c-size drawing sheets  (This can be A, B, C, D, or even E)
6048-045-SH01 = drawing number and sheet number  (All sheets of a drawing will be the same size)
220 = first issuing author  (See below for information on identifying author numbers)
06/07/91 = first issuing date
182 = current revision author
02/22/94 = current revision issuing date
A = current revision letter
Y = issue status  (This can be Y (yes), N (no), or blank for pending issue)
(A record beginning with XXX denotes a drawing number has been assigned but the drawing has yet to be generated or submitted for issuing.)

Alternate search methods.
To make a more specific or general search, use the qualifiers  /match=and  or   /match=or :

search/match=and numo "text","more text"
search/match=or numo "text","more text"

Each string must be enclosed in quotation marks, with commas separating the strings.  The computer will complain about too many parameters if the quoted strings are separated by spaces.  The  and  and  or  arguments do not limit you to 2 strings of text.  For example, to search for all drawings in the 6000 series that contain the text UHV and FLANGE type:

search/match=and numo "-6","uhv","flange"

To search by author, first get the author number by searching the file AUTHOR.     Ex.   search author "mistry"
To identify an author in a given record enter the command:   search author "056"   (or any 3 digit author number found).

Then search NUMO and place a space both before and after the author number.  For example, to find drawings in the 6000 series created or revised by Nari Mistry:

search/match=and numo "-6"," 056 "

Extensive help on the SEARCH command can be found by typing   help search .

I would like to thank Charlie Strohman for providing the basis for this page in an e-mail document dated 6/9/89.

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