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The Electron-Positron Storage Ring CESR at Cornell University

On October 1, 2001, I joined the Operations Group at CESR (click here for a tour). CESR has been in operation for twenty years at the Wilson Synchrotron Laboratory, part of the Laboratory for Elementary-Particle Physics at Cornell University. My arrival coincided with a new era in CESR's history of providing colliding beams of electrons and positrons for high-statistics studies of electron-positron interactions. Beginning in the Fall of 2001, the beam energies have been chosen such as to allow high-precision studies of decays of the Upsilon family of resonances. The proposed CESR-c project, described in detail here, presents an opportunity to extend these high-statistics studies to the physics of mesons containing charm quarks. Operation of CESR as a charm factory has been proposed to begin after two years of accelerator R&D and installation work, continuing through 2006. Data sets exceeding those presently available by more than a factor of 100 are feasible.

A persuasive argument in favor of a role for elementary-particle experimentalists in future accelerator design and development may be found in an article by Maury Tigner published in the January, 2001 issue of Physics Today.

Current and Recent Projects

  • Dismantling and Re-installation of the Interaction Region Beamline Components during the 2003 March-July shutdown

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